Merchandise at Pursuits

We describe our clothing lines as relaxed elegance—clothing you wear comfortably by day, and feel beautiful in at night. Some of the lines we proudly offer are:

Niche — All Niche garments are made in the USA but are not sold by the wholesale company online. Designer Nilgün Derman holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Design, which influences the architectural shapes and sensibilities of the Niche collection; an ever-expanding array of feminine, wearable separates.

Samuel Dong — Samuel Dong Corporation is the largest women’s wear company in North America and has become one of the most competitive brands on the international market. Samuel Dong has created comfortable and stylish apparel with the active woman in mind. Inspired by floral and everything Italian and French, Samuel Dong Collections are designed to make women feel beautiful and fashionable. Samuel Dong understands that quality and beauty go hand-in-hand.

Lynn Ritchie — “I always design my pieces with attitude,” said Ritchie. “The right fabric and fit, combined with an exciting or dramatic color, print or texture can have a profound affect on the way you feel. Dressing should be about so much more than comfort. It’s a sensual experience.” Ritchie, who targets the rapidly growing better-to-bridge market, feels her signature patterns and designs fill a unique niche.

Our top-selling Furla, Ellington, and Longchamp handbag brands speak for themselves. Customers simply love these colorful, quality-made, versatile and stylish handbag brands. From travel to work, we have the handbags that suit your needs.

To compliment our clothing and handbags, or to stand out and make a statement of their own, our exceptional range of gorgeous accessories catch the eye: from jewelry to travel bags, and from scarves to small leather goods, our accessories add just the right touch to your fashion and lifestyle. Also, check out our accessories made by local handy-craft artists.

Some of the lines we proudly carry include:
Furla Ritchie Lynn Longchamp Paris Samuel Dong Ellington Niche